51 Funny good morning Quotes & sayings with images

Funny Good Morning Quotes: Good morning Quotes should not always be so casual and some lovely. you can send some really cool and funny Good Morning message that have a taste of some saracasam and fun. These Funny Good Morning Quotes are really funny and provides a good mood while reading them.

Funny Good Morning wishes can drastically can change a person mode drastically. Do you remember someone having a bad day or bad time in his/her life then you must send these Good Morning Quotes to them to bring a smile on their face.

1. Hello Good Morning. I hope you have a Ridiculously Amazing morning.

2. Why do they call iut ‘Beauty sleep’ when you wake up looking like a troll GOOD MORNING

3. My idea of good morning is one, when i open my eyes Takes a deep breathe, and Go back to sleep. Good Morning

4. Good Morning Dear. May you become as hot as your Morning Coffee.

5. This is a good morning wish for you if mornings do exist in your life. As far as I know, your day starts at noon and ends at dawn.

6. Good morning my dear. If you are still sleeping then you should understand why people call you lazy and fat.

7. Sleeping late and waking up late are the two biggest enemies of good health. Congratulations to you for doing both like an expert. Good morning!

8. If there was an Oscar for people who oversleep in the morning, you’d surely win it. But since there is none, you should try waking up early. Good morning

I always say ”morning” instead od good Morning beacause If it was a Good Morning I would still be sleep in bed instead of talking to people.

I always wanted to tell you that ”you yawn like a buffalo in the Morning” Good Morning.

I can’t get out of bed beacause my cat is laying. Today has been cancelled.

My bed wasn’t feeling well this morning do I stayed Home to take care of it.

Good Morning, lazy! May this day be full of productivity…from someone else! Obviously, not you!

Good Morning! Parting from your best friend can be difficult… but I am sure you will go back to bed, in no time!

Funny Good Morning Quotes for friends

As the day begins, remember that I am your friend…you’re welcome!

Chahe ghussa karo,
Chahe galiyan do,
chahe sir pito,
Chahe mobile toro,
chahe ghar ka saman bikhair do
Hum tu isi time GOOD MORNING kahenge

Moon ne Band ki Lighting,
Sun ne shuru ki shining
Bird ne di hai warning
k ho gayi hai Morning,
to Hum bhi bol de ab,
aap ko Good Morning!

See outside the Window,
Sun rising for U, Flowers smiling for U,
Birds Singing for U, B’coz last night
I told them to wish U GooD Morning.

All mornings are like Paintings:-
U need a little inspiration to get going,
a little smile to brighten up
An SMS from someone who cares to color ur day…
(*) Good Morning (*)

Hello, wake up,
Receive my simple gift of ‘GOOD MORNING
wrapped with sincerity, tied with care
and sealed with a prayer
to keep u safe and happy all day long! Take Care!

Twinkle twinkle lazy star,
kitna soyega uth ja yaar,
up above the world so high,
Sun has risen in the sky,
uth ke jaldi pele chai,
then call me and say hi?

Good Morning to a friend who starts each day by asking important questions: Should I get up at ten or eleven? Is there pizza left over from last night? Have a good day, deep thinker!

Your morning should begin with a message from a friend who really cares about you…but that’s not happening, today! Take care, I guess!

funny good morning quotes images

Good Morning to someone I would like to consider to be a friend. Don’t get too excited. I stated that I would like to.

Good Morning to someone who sets, when the sun rises, and rises, when the sun sets! Pretty sure you’ve got that backwards, friend! Have a nice nap!

Sending you a Good Morning message, knowing it won’t reach you, until the afternoon! Have a good day, friend!

Friend, someday you will be a morning person! But, not today. Go back to sleep!

Good Morning to a friend, who outdoes everyone… in sleeping! You excel at that!

Let me Finish my Coffee First and nobody gets hurt. Have a Good Morning!

Friend, I am sending you a Good Morning message, even though you are probably asleep! And will be, in the afternoon, and at night! Seriously, are you ever awake?!

funny good morning quotes for him

Good morning friend, just wanted to tell you thanks for being a crucial part of my weird self. Love, your best friend forever.

Good morning you stupid human, fart-brain, cheese ball… what? That’s how you know we’re good friends: we can call each other anything and still be BFF’s.

Hey friend, good morning. I know life has got you down recently, so call me. I know you can’t laugh at yourself so I will do it for you. After all, what else are friends for? You can count on me.

Good morning friend, thanks for being such a sport last night. I was going to try that at my house but the instructions said: don’t try this at home.

funny good morning quotes to start the day

Oversleeping is a bad habit and obesity is a disease. Congratulations! Because you have both! Good morning, dear!

You sleep so much that sometimes I wonder why you are not sleeping in a grave already. Good morning to you if you’re still alive!

The sky is awake and the birds have already started working their ass off. But look at you snoring loud!

Your whole life is left for plenty of sleep, but please wake up now and get your lazy bones working! Good morning!

Waking up early in the morning makes you healthier and stronger. Sleeping in the morning makes you lazier and dumber. The choice is yours. Good morning!

Some people wake up at noon and call it a morning. I am wishing you good morning now so you know when the real morning is!

Life is short and days are even shorter. Sleep a bit longer and the day is over. Just kidding! Wake up and live the day. Good morning!

If you are reading this good morning message from me, just know that I’m really disappointed that you woke up to ruin this beautiful morning!

I know it’s hard to wake up every morning knowing that you’re still ugly and stupid. But we still have to wake up and live another day. Good morning!

If you want to spend a good time with your secret girlfriend, first get rid of your yelling wife. Same goes with your bed and alarm clock. Good morning!

funny good morning quotes in hindi

एक मित्र को गुड मॉर्निंग जो हर दिन महत्वपूर्ण प्रश्न पूछकर शुरू होता है: क्या मुझे दस या ग्यारह बजे उठना चाहिए? क्या पिछली रात से पिज्जा बचा हुआ है? आपका दिन शुभ हो, गहन विचारक!

आपकी सुबह एक ऐसे दोस्त के संदेश के साथ शुरू होनी चाहिए जो वास्तव में आपकी परवाह करता है … लेकिन ऐसा नहीं हो रहा है, आज! ध्यान रखना, मुझे लगता है!
किसी को गुड मॉर्निंग मैं एक दोस्त होने पर विचार करना चाहूंगा। बहुत उत्साहित मत हो। मैंने कहा कि मैं चाहूंगा।

गुड मॉर्निंग जो सेट करता है, जब सूरज उगता है, और सूरज उगता है, जब सूरज डूबता है! बहुत यकीन है कि तुम वापस मिल गया है, दोस्त! अच्छा झपकी लो!

आपको एक सुप्रभात संदेश भेजना, यह जानते हुए कि यह दोपहर तक आप तक नहीं पहुंचेगा! आपका दिन शुभ हो, मित्र!

मित्र, किसी दिन आप एक सुबह व्यक्ति होंगे! लेकिन आज नही। सोने के लिए वापस जाओ!

सुप्रभात एक दोस्त, जो हर किसी को पार करता है … सोने में! तुम उस पर उत्कृष्टता!

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